Saturday, February 5, 2011

Kindle vrs. Books

I heard great things about the kindles and I was very close to buying one. I know that there very pricey so I'm not sure If its worth it or not. The pros seem pretty good like... getting free books or not wasting gas to run to your nearest book store, plus there much cheaper then a paper back or hard cover book. On the other hand I love sitting down with a book. I love the feel of a book, its texture, turning the pages, and the smell of it I love it all! I also love my book collection theres just something about seeing all of my books and I feel accomplished. I can't do that with a kindle! So I need help . . What are your opinions on the subject.. Do you have a kindle?? If so, how is it and was it worth it? I could really use help . . thanks so much! Think of all the books I could buy with $150! OR I could spend it on a kindle .  . Help!


  1. Hi Brittany,
    I'm just kinda getting used to the Kindle. There are a couple of comments on this issue at my blog in the in the Poison Door preview post. Check it out when you can and feel free to add your thoughts.

  2. hey Ricky,
    Thanks so much! I'll definitely check out your blog to see what it says about the kindle! :)

  3. Okay, this is what I heard from someone who bought a kindle and returned it and bought a Nook instead.

    With a Kindle, you can't just "replace" the battery. Every few years you have to send it in to have it replaced (kind of like buying a new battery for a laptop, except you can't go to the store to buy). So when you send the Kindle in, there's no guarentee that you'll get the same exact one back. Which means, all your books and all the money you put into it is...gone! Yikes! With the Nook, you take it into the store and they change the battery right then and there for you.

    I have the kindle app on my iPhone and i'm able to download the first chapter of any book. After that, I'd have to buy it. Reading a book on there is very convenient. Portable. But for me, I love to hold an actual book and turn the pages when i'm reading. But once i'm done with my books, I give them to my used book store where I get store credit on future book purchases, so it works out well for me that way.

    Keep us updated on what you decide!

  4. Rose,
    Thanks for the comment, I never even looked into the battery relacement so thank you for the helpfull information! If I buy all of these books and when I send it in to get the battery replaced, if everything gets erased I will not be a happy camper! I'll have to look into the nook more. . I have the kindle app on my Iphone as well and I love it! I usually just buy the free books though..

    Giveing your books to the used book store after your done reading for store credit is actually a really a good idea! I never even thought about doing that!

    I'll keep you and everyone updated on which one I get! :)

  5. I have a similar post about this on my blog where ARGH and I argued over printed books and e-books. I prefer printed books myself, but e-books do give us more convenience - if we have a Kindle or any e-reader.

    Brush Up On Your Reading

  6. I have a Kindle and love it.
    You can actually replace the battery yourself, but you can also send it in to have them replace it. And even if you didn't get the same Kindle back, all your Kindle books are saved on Amazon's site so you could just redownload them.
    Though I have never heard any say they didn't get the same one back.

    I also love the Kindle because in my experience, it's the easiest to convert almost any file to put nearly any ebook on it.
    The only think I like about the Nook better though is you can get it in color. But Kindle doesn't do color because it would defeat the purpose of the e-ink that is so easy on the eyes.

    So I would say either a Kindle or a Nook would be fine. They are both really good devices.


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