Friday, July 15, 2011

Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

Pretties by Scott Westerfeld
My Rating:
About the book: The book Pretties follows the story of Tally Youngblood, except in this book Tally has become a pretty, where she lives in new pretty town, and has forgotten everything about being an ugly. She has undergone surgery that not only changes her looks but has turned her into a mindless bubble head. In her new life she’s preoccupied with going out to parties and drinking. Tally starts dating this new guy Zane whose also a pretty and he starts to help Tally start to remember. Zane's trying to help Tally stay bubbly so she can remember about the old ugly days. One of the guys from the new smoke breaks into new pretty town to give Tally two pills containing the cure to fix her brain. Tally and Zane both take one pill and they start to see differently everyday. Zane starts getting really bad head aches though as a reaction from the pill. In a desperate attempt to save Zane, Tally must escape pretty town and take him to the only Dr.'s that know how to save him at the new smoke.

What I think:
I though this book was incredible and brilliant. It kept me on edge the whole time, always wanting more. I think its incredible how Scott can make up such a brilliant story. He’s constantly adding new twists and turns to the book and I love it! At first when Tally and Zane were together I was a little mad because I wanted David and Tally to be together but then at the end of the book I realized that I liked Zane more and that David was actually a mommas boy. What ruined it for me with David was that he never came to rescue Tally from new Pretty town like he was suppose to. Zane has been there for Tally the most and there just meant to be. The ending made me so mad though as soon as Zane and Tally finally could be free, everything changes and special circumstances comes and ruins it all! But over all great book!! LOVED IT! I'm reading Specials right now.. : )


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